Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh my tender, tender, tender, heart.

I just got home from watching TOMBOY at the Broadway Theatre. Everyone should see it if they can. There is so much depth and tenderness contained in this film - I was lovestruck and homotional all the way through. The cinematography and acting were astounding too, and there are few things I find more charming than children speaking French.

"In 'Tomboy', filmmaker Céline Sciamma’s ('Water Lilies') second feature, a family with two daughters, 10-year-old Laure and 6-year-old Jeanne, moves to a new suburban neighborhood during the summer holidays. With her Jean Seberg haircut and tomboy ways, Laure is immediately mistaken for a boy by the local kids, and decides to pass herself off as “Mikael,” a boy different enough to catch the attention of leader of the pack Lisa, who becomes smitten. At home with her parents and girlie younger sister, she is Laure: hanging out with her new pals and girlfriend, she is Mikael. Finding resourceful ways to hide her true self, Laure takes advantage of her new identity, as if the end of the summer would never reveal her unsettling secret. Céline Sciamma brings a light and charming touch to this contemporary coming-of-age story, which is also about relationships between children, children and parents, and the even more complicated one between one’s heart and body."

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