Thursday, April 1, 2010


view from my hotel window

Vacations are so wonderful but admittedly, I always miss home when I'm away, and when I'm home I'm always dreaming of greener pastures. The conference was good, the hotel stay was great, and chumming with Ryan has been a delight!


Some memorable events that took place but are not limited to:

Tasty Food!

Hours of walking around window shopping wasn't complete without these tracks playing through my headphones:

Lou Reed - Perfect Day

Nico - These Days

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home (RAC Mix)

Vivian Girls - When I'm Gone (mp3)

Shannon and the Clams - You Can Come Over (mp3)

CocoRosie - RainboWarriors (mp3)

Das Racist - Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (mp3)

Black Mold - Pristine Boobles

Deerhunter - When I Taste Blood (mp3)

Kania Tieffer - Get Flunky!

Crystal Castles - Xxzxcuzx Me (mp3)

Meeting many crush worthy girls! I had some really fun and sexxxi flirty nights on ze trip. I won't kiss and tell cuz that would be distasteful, but I was reminded of the 'butterflies in the stomach' feeling again. Total crush on the drummer! RAWRRRR

Ryan had to work some evenings which sometimes left me exploring on my own. One of the places I braved was this 'participant-facilitated discussion' put on by ShOUT – Queer West Young Adult Program & Unconferences @ Masaryk-Cowan Community Centre.

It was small event in which there were four speakers who spoke on a wide variety of topics. It was interesting to learn of peoples involvement in the Toronto art and activism scene. This was definitely the point in my trip where I REALLY fell in love with Toronto. Go to Queer In The City if you'd like more info. on the event.

Seeing Marilyn and Diana was a real treat! We went for drinks to the Henhouse, and for dinner to The Lakeview.

Met with Carley and Heather, two of the people I did Katimavik with back in 2005. We went to a smoking lounge and then for all you can eat sushi. So nice to catch up with them!

Visiting the CBC Museum.

My wallet was lost/stolen at a landromat. So basically the last couple days in Toronto were STRESSFUL for me. I was stuck with no ID or money. We missed the Miike Snow show that I'd pre-bought tickets for because I had to file reports with the police, and make travel arrangements to get home. BLAH! My Mom was able to wire me some money so I could get by, but the guilt and stress that is still hanging over my head sucks.

This is an identical picture of the wallet I had.

The only two items (that weren't food or party favours) I was able to purchase before my wallet left me we were:

This zine from the Magic Pony shop

this vintage shirt from The Public Butter.

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