Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What A Way To Make A Living

I've been EXTREMELY busy and caught up in all things thrilling/boring/responsible/artistic/sad/complacent/radical lately, and am tapping into a brand new me. I'm flying to Toronto on Thursday for the PSAC Pride Conference, and then hanging out with Ryan for a week. Yay! for paid vacations to Toronto!

While I'm away I will have minimum time for my usual internet addiction so here is a huge list of varied things that have held my interest as of late.

I feel so badass listening to my headphones while at work. My co-workers opt. to listen to the same Adult Contemporary music played every day on the shitty radio. Right now I'm listening to No Bra. I feel so righteously unrighteous! I'm shocked that I hadn't discovered them before this weekend.
No Bra

No Bra - She Was A Butcher

No Bra - Munchausen
No Bra - Doherfuckher (mp3)
No Bra - Polite (mp3)

James Darling and Deluxx Dash
- Two hot and fierce transgendered (FTM) boys. They love to fuck each other and all kinds of people in all kinds of ways. They want to turn you on and get you off!

Nuclear Family - Gay Is The New Punk

SUPERCUTE - Candy City

The Suzan - You Know Nothing

Seahags - Bowling Green (My friends' super cuuuuute new band)

Check out April Josephine of the Seahags' blog!


Losing My Edge and Munchausen are dedicated to the fucking idiot who sent me an email recently, asking me out of "curiosity" how I knew of Scenery and if the Scenery event added me to FB or if I had added them. They also felt the need to tell me about their collaborations abroad, and yadda yadda yadda. Did I mention that the sender and I have a sordid past?! I thought I was done with that childish bullshit, but evidently not. Le sigh. If there was any possibility in building an amicable relationship in the future, soliciting me to inflate your ego IS THE WRONG PATH. In fact, I just puked in my mouth.

LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge (mp3)
LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous (mp3)


Bridez - Til You're Dead (mp3)
Bridez - Live 4ever (mp3)


Wavves - Weed Demon (mp3)
Wavves - Rainbow Everywhere (mp3)

Toxic Lipstick

Toxic Lipstick - Peakin' With Control (mp3)
Toxic Lipstick - Why Don't You Like Me? (mp3)

Noisy Pig

Noisy Pig (Hawnay Troof rmx) - Hey Jumper (mp3)
Hawnay Troof - Jump N Bump (mp3)
Hawnay Troof

This band makes me miss past lovers, yearn for new ones, and dream of long road trips in the sun.
Best Coast

Best Coast - Wish He Was You (mp3)
Best Coast - In My Room (mp3)

p.s. There are few things more satisfying than emptying my diva cup at the end of a looooooooooong day. splishsplash!

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    rad post bitch! let me know when you get back from yer trip eh?


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