Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mind Your Own Business

I especially love reading people's reactions/descriptions of Aunty Panty.

POP Montreal - "A kick in the nuts from the prairies, Saskatoon's riot grrrl duo Aunty Panty tear their way through jangly minimal trash punk. Don’t miss this beautifully brutish collision of throat-wrenching shrieks, panties and steamed wieners."

Ominocity - "Midway through watching Aunty Panty’s new video for the song “Panty Stain”, I realized I was strangely – albeit delightfully – freaked out. The song itself is a ratchety clatter of weirdo punk noise – sort of like trying to carry a wayward feral cat into your house and getting a claw in the kisser for your efforts."

Weird Canada - "Scanner-destroying sans-wave from the antagonizing wastelands of Saskatoon. Aunty Panty’s digital halo debut is a dualic descent into derelict guitar destruction and vocal annihilation. Hammered strikes against their metallic strings clangor amongst the concrete waves of red-lined vocals and four-four drummery. A severe peak into the marginalized sounds running rampant in our wheat-filled prairies."

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