Friday, July 29, 2011

Pudgy Pool Party

In light of all the ignorant comments I've been seeing/hearing about 'fat girls in bikinis' lately, I propose a Pudgy Pool Party in protest.

Let's reject conventional beauty ideals that cause so many people to feel insecure and ashamed of their bodies, by lallygagging in our prettiest swim attire at Riversdale swimming pool.

NoBODY should feel ashamed about their body.

Braceface? Bellyrolls? Pegleg? Skinnymini? etc...

Let's all come together to celebrate diversity and encourage positive body images in all forms.

Pluuuuuussss this is a real good excuse to hang-out with rad peeps, and eat treats pool-side, yo! I'm gonna make a quinoa dish and some bruschetta and guacamole to eat with some fresh white bread, cheese, and crackers/chips! I'll also probably bring some freshly picked strawberries from the Strawberry Ranch too!

Lez eat!

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