Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aunty Panty Molotov Cocktail

Aunty Panty was invited to play at this year's Pop Montreal festival.

I was convinced that our winning ticket in was our submission packaging, but apparently they hated it. Whoops!

"FYI - I SUGGEST NOT SENDING A SUBMISSION EVER AGAIN THAT HAS MUSTARD AND EGGS IN IT. THAT SHIT IS NOT COOL AND IF YOU DO THAT NEXT YEAR I'M THROWING OUT YOUR SUBMISSION IN ITS ENTIRETY. We understand your effort to be creative and express yourself, but we work in a small office and receiving a package that smells really bad is quite unwelcome. With all that being said, congrats on making it into the festival."

We'll also probably try and work-out some sort of eastern tour while I'm over there, so if you have any suiting connections to NYC/Toronto/Ottawa/Halifax, help a girl out!? I have a working list in my head of some potential people/places, but I'll never turn down more harassees.

This year has been pretty effin' solid. Truthfully, life's been pretty darn good for me. Besides the obvious injustices in the world, my heart only aches over one lost love and friendship. I still carry hope that one day, it too, will be a broken heart of the past.

Oh yeah, aaaaaand The Raincoats are playing POP this year too. NBD. Just my idols is all.

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