Sunday, June 5, 2011

Julie Doiron Day

I'll be making my official solo bebut as TOVAH on Tuesday June 7th 2011, in Bruno, SK. I'm especially excited to play alongside my bffs The Seahags and Jeans Boots.

The Bruno Arts Bank is a little gem that is "available to artists, musicians, writers & performers to use as a studio/living space environment to develop their practice. The residency is offered for short terms stays typically lasting one to three months. Located one hour east of Saskatoon, artists staying in Bruno will have the opportunity to live in a predominately agricultural community set in a rural Saskatchewan landscape."

And on a semi-related note, I went to see Queer City Cinema's WIDEOPENWIDE Coast to Coast 2011 tour last night. My friend Thirza Cuthand's short film 'You Are a Lesbian Vampire' was one a the featured films on the tour. Her film stars myself and my then girlfriend making-out through the entire film. Anyway, we were both in attendance which was a tiny bit awkward since we haven't talked to each other for about ten months. At the end of the screening I was questioned by a couple of people about how I felt watching the film, was it awkward, etc. Then one of the ladies asked what I was going to do if people later came up to me to tell me how cute we looked kissing each other. I think the firing squad of questions was actually more awkward than the event itself, and all I could think about was this Julie Doiron song:

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