Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Babe Watch

Tiffany Paige My muse - the Aunty to my Panty.


Brande Baugh The first time I saw her, my heart grew a twin. J'adore!

Peggy Noland HUGE crush! Definitely one of my top style idols. xox

Shannon Shaw She's fuckin' fierce! Liiiiiiike more fierce than my chub rub on a hot summer night.


Anto Christ Her parties look like they were made specially for me. Is it weird that I sometimes fantasize that I'm part of her entourage!?

MYTHS One of my favourite discoveries at Sled Island 2010. Check out Sled's 2011 headliners. Woah!

Géraldine I'm completely obsessed with her right now.


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