Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sorry For Calling and Waking You Up But We Were Drunk

Thurs nights 2:30 - 3:30 AM

About this project -

The live-feed talk show that took Austin by storm in 2010 is hittin’ the road and needs your help. Drunk Dial is seeking fan-funding through Kickstarter to help cover costs of a second season and first tour.

Last year, the reigning queens of Drunk Dial, Emily and Jodi, introduced the world to an entirely new kind of self-help wisdom. Here’s the concept: every week , Drunk Dial’s live stream offers lost souls a warm respite from life’s sobering complexities— serving up witty, booze-infused advice that only Emily and Jodi can provide. Each episode is then edited into a quickly paced 10-15 minute episode highlighting the most gut-busting, touching, and inexplicable moments of the show.

Emily and Jodi discuss the eternal mysteries of life after last call. They contemplate existential quandaries. Sexual mores and difficulties. When they’re talking calls, nothing is off-limits or taboo. These vivacious and voluptuous ladies reveal mystic truths that can really only come out of the bottle—and they’ll leave you in hysterics.

Now it’s time to take the show on the road! Drunk Dial has tentative plans to drink kielbasa-flavored vodka in Chicago, guzzle bowls of Everclear in Minneapolis, sip 40's on the corner in Baltimore and Philly, down a couple of boilermakers down Boston, swig a plastic traveler of vodka with the hobos behind the bus station in Fort Worth and bro-out with boxed wine in the OC. The only thing missing on this itinerary… is you!

Scream Club - Drunk(mp3)

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