Sunday, November 7, 2010

Aunty Panty's Last Show (For Now)

The Moas
The sounds the Moas make may not always be expected, but they're always enthralling. New band, familiar faces. Come down to Caffe Sola and let these guys melt all of the parts of your body that you don't need any more.

"Formed in Edmonton in fall 2008, SLATES sound somewhat like the Replacements, Constantines, Fugazi, the Wipers--ragged but melodic punk rock n roll."

Auld Beak
"Leaving their hardcore roots behind for a catchier destination, Auld Beak puts the pop back in punk without being pop-punk. RIYL Meneguar, Samiam, Castevet."

Aunty Panty
"Aunty Panty was birthed from the cottage cheese thighs of Edith Massey and left on a witch's doorstep. After three solid months of stuffing their faces with cheeseburgers and thrashing around in dingy basements, Aunty Panty is taking a much needed bathroom break." Don't miss their final gorge-fest!

Caffe Sola Backroom
38 23rd St east
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
presented by Blackflash Magazine and Paddock Wood Brewing
show at 9pm
licensed 19+

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