Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rainbow Radio

Me and Riki

Rainbow Radio is a weekly radio program on Saskatoon's Community Radio Station, CFCR 90.5 FM. It airs weekly on Sunday evenings from 9:30-11:00pm. The hour and a half long, spoken word program, is for all the tranny bois, butch bottoms, androgynites, genderfucks, queer identifying folk, and their allys. Bi-weekly hosts, Shavonne and Riki explore all phases of the queer notion. Topics include Riot Grrrl, Tranny Talk, Pomo Erotica, Fat Positive Belly Rolls, Body Hair, and much much more! With an emphasis on local, national, and international art, social justice, and politics, their passion and knowledge make for a thought-provoking, intriguing, and engaging show. Stay tuned for radical and righteous radio programming!

Tonight's Track Listing -
Daniel, Fred and Julie:

No One Knew My Name (mp3)
The Gambler and His Bride (mp3)

Rae Spoon:

You Can Dance (mp3)
Love is a Hunter (mp3)


Seventh Grade (mp3)
Smells Like Milk (mp3)

Nuclear Family:

Gay is the New Punk (mp3)
Wonder Cunt (mp3)

Die Antwoord:

Beat Boy (mp3)
Scopie (mp3)

Lydia Lunch:

Spooky (mp3)
Carnival Fat Man (mp3)

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  1. i am totally going to listen to you...... altho that's like midnight to three am for but ehhh


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