Friday, November 6, 2009

The Devil Didn't Know

I recorded a sweet track last night called Beef Satay. I made it while eating said beef satay. I'm gonna try and polish it up this weekend and maybe get it pumpin' through some headphones (stay tuned). Recently, Lipstickface and I have been talking about playing together in a band. We're both influenced by the riot grrrl movement of the 90's, and I think that together we can make some really cool shit happen. We've jammed a few times, but mostly using electronic devices, and we make some pretty eerie sounds when we collaborate in that capacity. Mmmmmmm, I can't wait for some screaching lo-fi guitar, messy drum trills, and distinctive bass thumps. Schwing!

Here's a sweet video made by the wonderful Carrie Gates, starring Lipstickface.

Lipstickface - Fuck You Let's Go (mp3)

Lipstickface - You Know (mp3)

Lipstickface - Dirty Shirt (mp3)

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