Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Better Bread Box

What is it?

An, every two weeks, box of quality baked goods made by youth from the core neighbourhoods with the supervision of a professional baker. We will be using space at Nestors Bakery.

How much is it?

All the recipes we choose will be type 2 diabetes sensitive, whole grain, low/no sugar, etc. For each bake off the exact contents of the boxes will change though we will be aiming for roughly:

1 artisinal type loaf
2 sandwich type loaves
~6 muffins
~6 squares
1 pie?, or cookies, or coffee cake…

The price of 1 box will be 20$

When is it? and how does it work?

Orders in by December 9th with the first delivery the following week December 16th~17th. Following bake-offs and deliveries will be every two weeks, December 30th, January 13th, January 27th, etc.

More exact information and dates will be available closer to the start date.

Why is it?

This focus and goal of this project is the applicable education achieved by baking. The youth will be learning about healthier baking, the ins and outs of a large-scale bakery, in addition to how to coordinate a project such as this.

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